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FILMOGRAPHY   |   Velcrow Ripper

2004 ScaredSacred (105 min. feature documentary, 35mm Dolby Digital)
2004 Is This Your House? (8 min. experimental video documentary)
2002 Afghanistan Through the Eyes of Women (20 min. vid. doc.)
2002 Burn (3 min. exp. vid.)
2002 Lanterns of Memory (7 min. exp. vid. doc.)
2001 Blackfire (rock video)
1999 In The Company of Fear (48 min. vid. doc.)
1999 SsPpLlitT (20 min. experimental film)
1998 Open Season (co-directed with Heather Frise; 52 min. vid. doc.)
1997 Funkill (co-directed with Heather Frise; 15 min. vid.)
1996 Bones of the Forest (co-directed with Heather Frise) (16mm feature doc.)
1994 Leave Me Alone Don't Ever (16mm 5 min. absurd 16mm)
1991 The Road Stops Here: The Walbran Valley (30 min. vid. doc. co-directed with Heather Frise and Barb Turner).
1990/91 I'm Happy. You're Happy. We're all Happy. Happy, Happy, Happy. (new narrative 16mm feature)
1989 Absurd Pretexts (16mm 3 min. absurd)
1988 Crowsfeet (30 min. dance film)
1988 Fred's Ded He Sed (8 min. absurd)
1988 Found (16mm 5 min. exp.)
1987 Freedom (rock video for "The Nils").
1986 No Means No (vid. doc. on acquaintance rape; co-directed with Cynthia Jervis and Su Lebrun).
1986 Oh Come On (rock video for "Pop David").
1985 Are You There? Are You Listening? (16mm. 7 min. humour/experimental)
1985 Autumn Disintegration (exp.)
1985 Fragile (exp.)
1984 Grip (horror)
1983 Reaction (rock video for "B-4 Food")
1981 On Campus (doc)
1979 Iran: The Crisis (doc)

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