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September 9-11th, ScaredSacred at Cinemark Tinseltown in Vancouver.

Inspired by the vision and message of ScaredSacred, a grassroots campaign has been launched to raise awareness about the Ground Zeros that scar our world. The Ground Zero Awareness Campaign will coincide with the film's opening weekend September 9th - 11th in Vancouver, BC, Canada around showings of ScaredSacred.

The Ground Zero Awareness Campaign was initiated to expand on the issues and themes in the film and bring attention to all areas at the centre of violence, war and disaster. The emphasis of the campaign is to harness the power of crisis to create positive transformation, using tragedy as a catalyst for change. Speakers from relevant organizations, individuals touched directly by the issues, and the filmmaker himself will be brought together to share their experiences and stories. A special focus will be placed on the Ground Zeros visited in the film.

The campaign will feature keynote speeches from Vancouver City Councillor Jim Green, writer Joy Kogawa and many others, as well as performances by Poets Against War. A "Ground Zero Information Centre" will showcase representatives and displays from supporting organizations such as Amnesty International, War Resisters Support Campaign, Greenpeace, Vancouver Chapter of Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan, Women Against Violence Against Women (WAVAW), InterSpiritual Centre of Vancouver, Multifaith Action Society, Vancouver Raging Grannies, and Veterans Against Nuclear Arms (VANA). Events will be held at Cinemark Tinseltown, around showings of the film over its opening weekend, September 9th to 11th. Audience members will be treated to Q & A's with the filmmaker and guest speakers.

Vancouver Screening & Ground Zero Awareness Campaign Schedule

Cinemark Tinseltown
September 9-11th

Friday, September 9th      12:15 pm ScaredSacred screens
2:40 pm ScaredSacred screens
5:10 pm ScaredSacred screens
7:15 pm Ground Zero Awareness Campaign Official Opening (MC: Filmmaker Velcrow Ripper and Producer Cari Green)
7:20 pm Raging Grannies (performance)
7:25 pm Vancouver City Councillor Jim Green
7:35 pm Joy Kogawa (Author of Obasan)
7:45 pm RC Weslowski (Poets Against War)
7:50 pm ScaredSacred screens
9:45 pm Q&A with Velcrow Ripper
10:20 pm ScaredSacred screens

Saturday, September 10th      12:15 pm ScaredSacred screens
2:40 pm ScaredSacred screens
5:10 pm ScaredSacred screens
7:05 pm Emily Campbell (Poets Against War)
7:10 pm Bhopal speaker: Valerie Costa (Amnesty International)
7:20 pm Cambodia speaker: Don Wright (Amnesty International)
7:40 pm Opening for the 7:50 screening: Myka Tucker-Abramson & Kyle Snyder (Poets Against War)
7:50 pm ScaredSacred screens
9:45 Israel & Palestine Speakers: Hila Russ-Woodland & Ranza Clark from Creative Peace Network (Peace It Together - a summer camp program for youth from Israel and Palestine)
10:20 pm ScaredSacred screens

Sunday, September 11th      12:15 pm ScaredSacred screens
2:40 pm ScaredSacred screens
5:10 pm ScaredSacred screens
7:05 pm Israel-Palestine speaker: Rabbi David Mivasair of Ahavat Olam Synagogue (Founder and Director of the InterSpiritual Centre of Vancouver)
7:15pm New York 911 speaker: Richard Shu - a lay Buddhist (Multifaith Action Society; Soka Gakkai Society Intl. Canada)
7:40 pm Opening for the 7:50 screening: Jim Edmondson & Stephen Buckley (Poets Against War)
7:50 ScaredSacred screens
9:45pm Q&A with Velcrow
9:55pm Hiroshima Speaker: David Morgan (Veterans Against Nuclear Arms - VANA)
10:20pm ScaredSacred screens

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