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PRODUCERS' BIOS   |   ScaredSacred

Tracey Friesen (National Film Board of Canada)
Tracey Friesen joined the National Film Board of Canada as producer in spring 2001 and has credits so far on one extensive internet documentary and eight films, including the multiple award winning titles: Being Caribou, ScaredSacred and The Weight of the World. She currently has another ten titles in production and development, plus is the NFB lead on three community-based initiatives around media making and disability. Before the NFB, Tracey was with Rainmaker Digital Pictures for five years and prior to that worked for six years as an editor and post supervisor. Actively involved in the Vancouver film community, Tracey spent three years on the board of Women in Film & Video Vancouver - serving one term as president - and was honoured last summer with their Lifetime Membership Award.

Cari Green (ScaredSacred Films)
Cari Green is an innovative film and television producer with over twenty-five years experience in documentary films, dramatic features and television series, and a solid background in distribution, sales and marketing. Green has produced over 20 award-winning productions, including ScaredSacred, winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival and currently in theatres, as well as The Corporation, an international theatrical hit feature. Green has produced the works of renowned Canadian, International and leading First Nations filmmakers. Green has a twenty-five year history supporting and advocating for the Canadian film industry, serving on many organizations in executive and board positions. These include: DOC, Vancouver Chapter, founding board member & co-chair; Women in Film and Video, Vancouver chapter - co-founder, inaugural board member, honorary life-time member; Hot Docs board member and DOXA advisory board member. Green is currently distributing ScaredSacred (with Velcrow Ripper through their company, Scared Sacred Films). She is also developing, with Christine McDowell, an innovative project with the National Film Board of Canada and Flourish Media, The Global Women's Memorial Website.

How I came to produce ScaredScared...
An Open Letter from Cari Green

I had been working in film for twenty five years when I first became aware that Velcrow was working on this project. My background is in social issue documentaries like The Corporation. I've had the pleasure of bringing my support to voices that would not otherwise be heard, to films that would not otherwise be made. I've been privileged to work with some of Canada's finest filmmakers. Velcrow and I had wanted to work together on an earlier film (with Heather Frise) called Bones of the Forest, but it would be a few years later, just after 9/11 that I would track Velcrow down in New York (where he was filming a week after ground zero), after viewing a short clip from what would become a sequence from ScaredSacred. I said to him over his cell phone, "I want to produce this film".

ScaredSacred began as a website project almost ten years ago and in so doing anticipated the massive revolution we now find ourselves a part of. The way that we make films and distribute them is changing forever because of the net. We are still watching films in the theatres and on television, but we are aware that films are now being produced for the net and streamed, bypassing many of the conventional means and in so doing, creating new kinds of community.

ScaredSacred is now on an irrevocable path to reach people around the world. The film is being screened in theatres across Canada, in commercial theatres, in community halls, in churches and on television. The film opens Toronto on October 21st at Canada Square, in Calgary at the Plaza Theatre, and in Vancouver at Van East Cinema. The World Television Premiere is on Vision TV on October 26th. After that we expect it will open wide in many theatres across Canada. We're currently negotiating with distributors in the US for a release in the new year. Darryl Hannah, actor turned activist, has called it "a visionary film" and is putting her support behind it.

Through an intensive viral campaign, we are also reaching many activists, and spiritual and religious groups worldwide. We ask you to join us. Keep the dialogue going, join our mailing list and encourage others to visit our website.

By coming to screenings of the film, you join your community with many others around the world in places like Iceland, Belfast, Boulder, San Francisco, Nelson, Dublin and many many more.

We hope you enjoy the film and continue to discuss it. And feel free to email Velcrow or myself to get more behind the scenes information or to help us get the word out.

Good wishes,

Cari Green

Cher Hawrysh, Associate Producer, ScaredSacred Films

Cher Hawrysh is committed to producing thought provoking films that entertain, educate and expand our sense of self and the world we live in. She has worked as a Producer, Editor, Writer, and Production Manager, playing a key role in the production of 100’s of hours of independent, studio, newsroom and network productions in Canada, U.S.A, Britain and Africa. Production partners have included VisionTV, W, CTV, CHUM, Global and CBC. In London, UK she helped create "To Free the Slaves"and the award-winning documentary “Mama June; A Different Perspective on Aids” on location in Tanzania, East Africa. Cher worked directly with Stephen King on “Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital”, a dramatic mini-series produced with Sony Pictures Television for ABC. She has merged her interests in philosophy and spirituality with her passion for media by creating audio, video, and web content for philosopher Ken Wilber at The Integral Institute, and for Tami Simon of Sounds True Publications. Cher joined The ScaredSacred Project in 2002, during the final phase of production and through the edit of the film. Since the film's completion, she has been an integral part of the marketing and distribution of ScaredSacred, and is developing the feature documentary FierceLight with Velcrow Ripper, along with his upcoming dramatic feature, RisingSlowlyFalling.

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